Lloyd B. Jameson (LBJ)

Lloyd B. Jameson (LBJ), Founder, and Chairman of the Circle of Hope International is an astute International Relations professional. He formerly served as the Senior Advisor to the President and Vice President of the Corporate Council on Africa and has also served at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce where he provided strategic advisory services to several Fortune 500 companies including economic, political and security assessments of West Africa, Central Africa and Angola. LBJ has over 24 years of managerial and leadership skills and over 12 years of experience working extensively with African nations and their leadership, providing advice, advocacy and additionally, has also spearheaded numerous strategic partnerships between the United States and Africa, many of which endure to this day. LBJ has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East and Israel, adding cultural acumen to his experiences. LBJ obtained a Masters in International Relations from Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He is multilingual, and a veteran who has served honorably for over 24 years.

Ingrid Ann Duran

Ingrid Ann Duran: Ingrid Ann Duran serves as the Director of the State Legislative Department to the State Legislative Department of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC). Ms. Duran has over twenty years of experience as a reproductive policy specialist. In this position, she advises senior counsel and assists the director in advising executive directors, state lobbyists, state legislators, and state Attorney General’s legal counsel with ongoing legislation, litigation, and policy issues.

She had been “by name” requested to advise and assist lobbyist and state legislators in advancing their legislative priorities and table legislation that is against the organization’s mission. She evaluates proposed language in legislation, writes legal memos of analysis, drafts amendments, and is chartered to find experts in the field, specific to the policy, to testify at legislative and judicial hearings. She is also called upon to coordinate numerous and successful grassroots education and election-based independent campaigns in all 50 States and Territories. Ingrid volunteers as a translator (Both verbal and written) for the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights (CAIR) Coalition. She is fluent in Spanish and is a graduate of American University in Washington D.C., where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a concentration in public policy.

Gideon Haule

Gideon Haule serves as a Circle of Hope Intl associate and is responsible for coordinating, establishing new projects and maintaining awareness of current projects in Tanzania. He was key in organizing the projects in both Nachingwea and Tanga, both inaugural projects for the Circle of Hope Intl. He has over 15 years of logistical expertise while working with many foreign companies that have established themselves in Tanzania. He is also responsible for navigating numerous goodwill and charitable events to the Republic of Tanzania. His knowledge and insight of the Republic of Tanzania is instrumental in the expansion of the Circle of Hope Intl. Gideon will also serve as a liaison on all projects and with all donors in Tanzania.