Help children with tools to succeed: We provide books, pens, pencils, backpacks to children that are in need of these tools in order to attend school. This directly impacts parents and children by assisting them with school material. This also motivates the children to return to school for their education.

Offer uniforms and shoes for children: Provide uniforms, shoes, and slippers to underprivileged children to encourage them to go school. In some villages, children are discouraged to attend school because they have to walk long distances and don’t have the necessary shoes for the long journey. Some parents cannot afford a proper set of uniforms for their children and this discourages the parent from sending their children to school.  We aim to meet realistic needs of these impoverished communities by eliminating the barriers that prevent children from obtaining an education.

Provide tools and support to educators: Provide some school items such as log books, chalk, paper, pens and pencils to the principals and teachers to help facilitate their classroom instructions. In many instances, the educators in outlying villages don’t have the necessary tools to properly instruct the children.

Empower by providing a sustainable strategy: Provide a strategy to sustain the Circle of Hope’s International’s support and donation to the underprivileged school children. Once a project is initiated, the Circle of Hope International will ensure its sustainability by creating a support mechanism to help the educators and children throughout their school year.