Greetings from Nachingwea!

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Nachingwea is one of the six districts of Lindi Region in Tanzania. According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, it had a population of 162,081. It is currently a center and hub for the cashew nut trade and also known for its agriculture products such as cashews and mangoes.

Nachingwea is approximately a 10 hour drive from Dar es Salaam. With your help, The Circle of Hope International currently supports between 25 and 50 orphans ranging from age 8 – 14 years old. Most of these disadvantaged children have lost their parents to HIV and are currently staying with either grandparents and/or relatives without the adequate resources to send them to school. Most of the orphans attend school without shoes and torn uniforms. We recognize that their educational needs are severely inadequate so we sprang into action and assisted with items for school.

In 2015, Circle of Hope International staff went to ensure that the 25 – 50 orphans receive the necessary tools to attend school. The team provided books, pens, pencils, backpacks, slippers, crayons, slippers (shoes) to the orphans and ensure they were ready for the school year. This may seem to be small on the grand scale of things, however since these children are from an impoverished community and have lost their parents, they were very much appreciative of the efforts.

The Circle of Hope partnered with a group of women who came together to provide moral support and assistance to these underprivileged children. These women were instrumental in giving them some of the emotional support they desperately needed in difficult times. We are very fortunate that we were able to complete this circle by not only providing the orphans with school materials but also engaging others in the community to step in and help these children. We want to send sincere thanks for everyone who made this happen. We are lucky to have supporters like you who give selflessly to a cause that creates hope and promise for children, and to the volunteers who give of their time and talent and love for humanity.

Please consider donating as we have approximately 10 projects lined up for 2018. It is our wish to provide underserved children and educators with the materials necessary in order to have every child educated in developing regions.

Brief history of this area: Nachingwea is a hidden tourist attractive area in Southern Tanzania, notably known by its rich African cultures, colonial history and the Mozambican liberation struggle for independence. Nachingwea District is a best known area in Tanzania where the first groundnut farms were introduced in 1947 and which to attracted protests among the local Wamwera communities against forced labour by the British and South African settlers….


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